Meet The Team

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Jeannie Tiong - Walker
Executive Veterinary Director


你好, Jeannie is our principal veterinarian and Executive Director.  Originally from Malaysia and completed her veterinary degree at Massey University. She began her career with MAF in the regulatory environment. Jeannie always has had a strong desire to help animals and this was the main reason she became a vet.  

Jeannie is also a professional groomer, passionate about cat & dog grooming and styling! Jeannie has a special interest in animal nutrition and dermatology as well!


Rodney Walker
Veterinary Director

Our senior Vet, Rodney has been practicing veterinary medicine for more decades he cares to recall.  He has filled a variety of roles through his career, including mixed practice, regulatory inspection work and includes a stint working in small animal practice in the UK for 10 years.

Rodney has an interest in diagnostic imaging and surgery and enjoys the contact with our wide and varied client base.


Practice Coordinator


Vet Nurse

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Vet Assistant

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Patient Support


Customer Service